Some folks haven't been too pleased with our rodeo coverage. Here are a couple of emails, in their entirety, that reference Richard Connelly's feature and Keith Plocek's blog entry on the boot-scootin' spectacle.

My husband and I are horrified at your tasteless article you wrote regarding the rodeo - "Shocking Cruelty" it should be called. The photograph of the poor calf being treated in such an unacceptable way is not something to make light of. We are ashamed of our fellow Americans who believe that this is entertainment and that children are raised to think that cruelty to animals is of no concern. If any of you can honestly prove that these animals do not feel pain or feel afraid, we would be happy to see your scientific proof. It has been proven countless times, that farm animals are sentient beings, they feel pain and fear. In suffering, we are all the same. What is the matter with people that they have absolutely no compassion? Shame, shame, shame on Houston. We for one, will never again subscribe to the Houston Press. If this is the kind of shabby article on something so horrific, we will certainly not contribute to your newspaper. We have children too and have raised them to respect all living creatures and to show compassion, something Houston is sorely lacking. How disgraceful. We are thankful for organizations such as SHARK that work very hard to expose such cruelty.

-- Melanie Blake

More outrage after the jump...

Bad form, Margaret [Downing], bad form. If this blog piece is your idea of balanced reporting of the rodeo, I have to wonder just how large your pockets are to hide those rodeo officials. I wonder what the percentage of those rodeo goers call themselves true Christians. You know, those people who claim to love God yet beat up on His creations? I, for one, am an Atheist. How is it that I have more respect over their God's creation than they do? Hypocrites - every last one of them.

Animal Cruelty Is NOT A Family Value. It is time for Texans to start a new cruelty-free tradition.

If you'd like to redeem yours and your staff's so-called 'family values', why not put your gag where your mouth is and join us tomorrow evening at our protest. Maybe then you'll see what true Americans act like.

-- Danielle Seger

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