Felipe Hernandez-Ortiz Charged in Toddler's Traffic Death: Bayou Body Count No. 186

Twenty-year-old Felipe Hernandez-Ortiz has been charged with "accident involving injury or death" in the traffic death of a 20-month-old child.

The child's mother, Antonia Sanchez Soto, who left the toddler in the care of the girl's six-year-old brother, has also been charged with child endangerment in the case, Houston police said.

Hernandez-Ortiz is charged in the accident that occurred about 6:20 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23 at 3402 Dover. The girl was pronounced dead at the scene and her identity is pending verification by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

HPD Vehicular Crimes Division Sergeant D. Usher and Officer N. Luu reported:

Hernandez-Ortiz's vehicle, a maroon Ford Minivan, was parked at the White Cliff Apartments at the above address. As he backed up his vehicle, Hernandez-Ortiz felt he ran over something. He stopped to check and saw he had run over the victim and she was lying next to his vehicle. Hernandez-Ortiz then fled the scene on foot, but returned a short time later. He was taken into custody at the scene.

Further investigation determined the victim was left in the care of her six-year-old brother.

Police said alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

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