FEMA Looking Good at TSU Distribution Center

In some spots, so far FEMA is looking good. The wait for folks at the Distribution Center at Texas Southern University (3600 Rosewood) was around 30 minutes. Volunteers were filling hands and trunks with ice, water and food of people in walk-thru and drive-thru lines. And things were moving ...

"Pretty fast." says Olivia Mumphord, a mother of two who lives off of Briggs. Mumphord was juggling a very tired looking toddler as well as boxes of food and water.

"My house, we stay upstairs, so I didn't sleep," she says.

Cynthia Chatman came to the line right after she got off work and said moved right through.

"Thank you, Jesus," she says.

"It's real nice," says Linda Curry, who lives with Mumphord at MacGregor and Scott. "I wasn't greedy, I was trying to get what I need. I have a two-month old baby at home and we've been sleeping in the car at night," she says, adding though she still doesn't have power, her home only experienced a small amount of flooding.

"But otherwise we blessed," she says and adds it could have been worse. "I ain't cryin, I ain't trippin."

Brenda Hickman and Lily Zeno were the only two we found who waited for two hours. But said they didn't think that was too long.

"Everything went real fast," says Hickman; Zeno agreed.

"They're doing better than the gas line," she says.

Many of the volunteers were from the TSU men's basketball team. Coach Tony Harvey says he had them out this morning at 10 a.m. It was easy to get them going because right now the whole team is staying at his house -- he's the only one with electricity.

"The guys haven't eaten all day but I just said 'Hey man, you guys know you're going to get a hot meal tonight,'" Harvey says. (He's also cooking for them.) "There is some people here, they're not going to get a hot meal."

Harvey adds that it also has some training benefits.

"It's gonna make [the players] mentally tougher anyway," he says. "You got to deal with adversity. You haven't eaten; you gotta suck it up."

-- Dusti Rhodes

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.