Ferret Love

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But ferret owners don't look at it as a sad thing. They enjoy the time together, deal with the inevitable end and keep the memories alive.

Any sadness is worth it, to them, for the moments of mischief and cuteness, for those looks from those adorable eyes, for the endless surprises that come from ferret ingenuity.

Sure, some people will find it odd that anyone has 25 weasels in their house, all of them demanding attention, most of them missing the litter box, some of them tearing up or knocking over some valued item thought to be safe.

But these ferret owners are, in the main, normal people. They just like ferrets. (A lot.) And who is anyone to judge, even a pet-disliking reporter forced into an assignment?

The time has come to take the formal-looking pictures that accompany the feature. A half-dozen or so ferret owners, true to their friendly nature, agree to come downtown to the Houston Press offices to get photographed.

The ferrets are extremely well-behaved. A couple of them run off and hide in the nooks and crannies of the office, but are quickly found.

Staffers gather round to check out the commotion; some decide they want to hold one of the ferrets.

In the two hours of shooting, there are no untoward incidents save one.

One of the ferrets decides to take a nip out of one of the bystanders. The victim? The editor who assigned you the story.

Karma is, indeed, a bitch.

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