Fiddy for 10

"I'm rich, biiiaaatch!"

We have to give mad props to Madison High School's Vince Young, who, as you may have heard, today agreed to a five-year deal, with $25.7 million guaranteed and an overall value that could reach $58 million — with the Tennessee Titans. It's proof positive that Bud Adams ain't as stupid as he looks, tho' we still can't figure out the whole Steve McNair thing. But hey, why would VY need a mentor?

The deal makes it certain that fans will see #10 on the field this season. It's just a matter of time before Titans QB Billy Volek is holding a clipboard. Hey Billy, Steve says the Baltimore's a good place to be. Just sayin'.

This should make excellent fodder for Vince's upcoming reality show on BET. We can't wait to see the scene with Vince celebrating with his mom and his crew.

Speaking of his moms, VY told me recently that he'll buy "Whatever my mom wants, man" when he signed his contract. We've got some suggestions, ma'am.

And hey, speaking of pigskin, the Texans are officially in training camp today. We'll be stopping by from time to time to talk to players, so stay tuned. Man, it's almost time to start my Madden season sim. — Steven Devadanam

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