Fightin' Joe Barton, Taking On The BCS System

Texas congressman Joe Barton has decided that there's something else besides Barack Obama's mere existence that sends him into a frothing, seething fit of anger.

It's college football's bowl system.

We've gotten an announcement from something called Playoff PAC, a political action committee created to address the single most pressing issue of our day: Who gets to be called the best team in the NCAA.

And Joe Barton is on board!!!! Prepare for defeat, NCAA.

"The entire BCS system is a farce," Barton said in language he usually reserves for Democrats. "It arbitrarily selects champions and reduces competition between conferences. College football's post-season championship should be decided on the field, and that's why a playoff system is needed. I look forward to working with Playoff PAC in reforming college football."

Does Barton realize that he and Obama agree on this?

Well, we're not sure Obama agrees that the issue is worthy of an actual PAC being created, much less congressional action being taken.

(We've put in a call to Barton's spokesman, but have yet to hear back.)

Joining Barton in today's endorsement are Senator Orrin Hatch and Representative Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii. Both of them represent schools that tend to get screwed in the BCS process.

UT, on the other hand, tends to get more love than it deserves.

Why is today's announcement so important? Playoff PAC puts it this way:

Until now, only a small, dedicated group of federal officeholders has taken action on this issue. The BCS has wrongly dismissed them as political panderers and quickly diffused pressure that resulted from congressional hearings and legislation. The BCS could not successfully do this if the coalition of college football reformers were broader.

Anyway, we (or Barton, we guess) can't think of a better place to donate your hard-earned money than Playoff PAC. So donate away, and let the fun begin.

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