File under: Awwwwww, yeah!

On Friday, the Houston Dynamo will announce the roster of the inaugural Dynamo Girls entertainment squad. A press release describes the Girls as “the team behind the team,” which sounds like the setup for a joke that’s best avoided. Dynamo Girls factoids: “A few of the Girls are teachers. One is a psychotherapist,” and, to work the meta factor, “another is a collegiate soccer player.” The occupations of the remaining 14 have thus remained a mystery.The unveiling will take place at ROCBAR in Bayou Place.

“First, our mascot, Dynamo Diesel. Now, the Dynamo Girls,” Dynamo President Oliver Luck raved in the press release, thus putting these 17 women on par with a dude in a big orange fox outfit. Named effing Diesel. But anyway…come to ROCBAR to support the first-ever Dynamo Girls lineup and then check out the Dynamo take on Chivas USA the following day. Who knows, maybe you can carpool with the girls. -- Craig Malisow

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