Final Scenes As Parker And Locke Head To The Runoff

Note to Peter Brown -- if you're going to spend so much money on a campaign, get a microphone that works. His speech to supporters was kinda inaudible on TV, at least on KHOU.

Then again, it wasn't like the guy who's now in third place had anything compelling to say: "I'm not here to say anything definitive...It's not over 'til it's over! But we need a little patience and we're waiting on the surge!! We're waiting on the surge!!"

Keep waiting, councilman. You may need it to stay ahead of Roy Morales.

From our man at Annise Parker HQ:

Annise Parker is walking and talking like a winner -- or, more like one of the two candidates headed for a run-off -- right now, on stage flanked by her family and doing things like thanking her supporters and declaring the fight still on, on top of delivering this gem of political fodder:

"This election is about our future. And it comes down to one question. Who do you trust to lead out city through these tough times and give our children the future they deserve?"


Amid all the $8-food-and-booze boredom, there has been a lone bright spot at tonight's event, wearing a beard and fedora hat, toting a glass of white wine, and shouting at anyone in earshot about this race and several obscure others as far away as New Jersey.

His name is Greg Turetzky, and he is both a massage therapist and local politico. I decided to let him break down the race for our loyal readers.

First, Parker will definitely come in first tonight, as the polls clearly show, and it is quite silly for me to even have asked. She is the most "real" candidate, Turetzky says, as evidenced by both her demeanor and recent gardening during a volunteer appreciation event at her humble abode.

Locke "comes across to me as very slick, very professional, very lawyerly."

And Brown?

"Peter Brown kind of creeps me out, to be perfectly honest. I agree with him on a lot of the issues -- he's very liberal. But he creeps me out, and he's kind of boring."

Turetzky predicts that with Parker and Locke competing in the runoff, it will be up to Parker to win over some of the ministers who had previously gone for Brown. But he doesn't think it should be much of a problem for her to pull off the win.

"From all the empirical evidence, Annise has the best ground game out of the three," he says.

Turetzky then began pumping is arms and screaming "ANNISE! PARKER! MAYOR!" -- which I guess is the night's impromptu campaign slogan -- with the rest of the crowd as Parker took the stage.

"That's good. I like that," he said.

Locke told supporters (over a loud buzz, at least on KTRK) that -- "quite frankly" -- he welcomes "the challenge of leading Houston forward."

He said "What I bring to this election is experience. Experience, experience, experience. Broad, big experience. Experience that has taken me from a steel mill and oil refinery to board rooms and corporate headquarters. Experience that helps me to understand that all of us...are all Houstonians."

He then went on to say several sentences that did not include the word "experience," just to show he's no one-trick pony.

So it looks like it will be a Parker-Locke runoff. Houston, get yourself ready to rumble,

Or to snooze again. Really, it's your call.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.