Finally, a Swingers Site That Doesn't Freak Us Out

We couldn't help but take LoveVoodoo.com co-founder Todd Crawford up on his e-mail request to check out his swingers site, especially because he claimed that "Texas is a particularly hot swingers market!"

Two things impressed us right away: For one, there are hundreds of Texas members (heh) on the site, which is skewed toward a younger swinging demographic; and two, when you set up a profile, the activities/interests part has check-boxes for both "bowling" and "bukkake." Up until now, we've had to join separate sites for each of those -- you know, we had our bowling friends and our bukkake friends. So it looks like this site, now in its tenth year, will open up a whole new world for us.

"Texas tends to be a little conservative," Crawford says, expressing his mild bewilderment as to why swinging seems to be so big in Texas. He says Florida is the biggest swingers market, which makes sense, as it's a big vacation spot.

Maybe Texan swingers have just historically been more closeted, which is something LoveVoodoo is trying to end.

Unlike other swingers sites, Crawford says, LoveVoodoo reaches out to mainstream press and tries to pique the interest of the "new-school people in the lifestyle." Other sites are more content with letting swingers live in the shadows: "They try to keep it very hidden and cloistered....[a] behind-closed-doors sort of thing."

Crawford says he met his wife through a swingers Web site, and they decided to iron out the kinks (HEY-OH!) in the existing sites and launch LoveVoodoo, which they say includes a lot of young, professional couples (and singles).

So does Crawford have any advice for those interested in the lifestyle, but not sure if it's for them?

The key, he says, is "being open and honest with your partner and telling them what your wants and desires are." Trust and honesty are the key. The lifestyle can be a great way to spice up a relationship, but it's not a magic solution for a troubled marriage -- in fact, it would probably just hasten a divorce, he says. It's also obviously not for the jealous types.

If you have even the slightest interest in that sorta thing, we suggest you check it out. Based on our quick perusal, some of the people are actually attractive. And hey, who can't use another bowling buddy?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.