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Finally! NBA Finals Begin Tonight

Since the NBA playoffs ended about a week ago, I guess it’s long past time for me to deliver my 2007-2008 awards column. Wait, what’s that you say? The playoffs aren’t over yet, the league simply decided to stick an interminably long, momentum-draining week of inaction between the end of the Conference Finals and the beginning of the championship round? Hmmm, interesting. Hey, Commissioner Stern, just because the NFL likes to drag things out as long as possible before the Super Bowl, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing with the NBA Finals. It sucks for football, and it sucks for your sport, too.

So since we’ve all been subjected to a week’s worth of hype, puff pieces and previews, I won’t bore you with another one. Instead, I’ll just deliver one final flip-flop in a season that’s been full of them. That’s right, I’m abandoning my pre-playoffs prediction of Celtics in 7, and taking the Lakers in 6 instead. You’ve been warned.

And speaking of flip-flops, I hope everyone’s enjoying the Kobe Bryant love-fest these days. Full disclosure: I was a big Bryant fan during his early years, back when most everyone seemed to resent him for some reason. Then this happened and I’ve never been able to see him the same. Fortunately for Kobe, it seems as if the majority of the sporting public has no such qualms, which is fine, just don’t be surprised if the tide suddenly shifts once more. That’s all I’m saying. - Jason Friedman

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