Finally, Some Good Pet Publicity For Houston

Most of the TV-viewing nation gets its sense of how Houston treats its pets from Animal Planet's

Animal Cops: Houston

. (How feel-good is it? The


contains a warning about graphic content.)

Now viewers will get a more uplifting version of us. At least those viewers who would actually miss out on college football this Saturday to watch a show entitled Four Plus Two: Tales For The Pet Lover's Heart.

The show, on the WGN superstation at noon, will focus on eight rescued animals and their owners. One of them is a Houstonian.

Kate Smargiasso rescued an Italian greyhound who had been kept in a box so long, its leg muscles had atrophied and it could no longer jump.

In a grand-prize winning essay, Smargiasso says Reznor now can jump up to kitchen-counter height when its snack time. ("This is a good thing?" says a non-dog-lover.)

“He is so full of love that I could not imagine how empty he felt during his ‘breeding’ days,” she wrote.

Smargiasso will receive a year's supply of pet food, which she's donating to an animal shelter, and -- wait for it -- "In addition, she will receive an original portrait of herself and husband with Reznor and their other rescued Italian Greyhound, Gracie, by artist and illustrator C.F. Payne."

Hopefully they will be pictured playing poker.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.