Financial Times Loves It Some Westbury

What's the hottest neighborhood in Houston, according to the Financial Times, that international publication with the funny pinkish color?

It's Westbury.

FT approvingly quotes an expert who says the neighborhood southwest of Meyerland is "one of the last areas near the Galleria and downtown where you could get the square footage and a fairly large lot."

We assume there are no members of the FT Houston bureau trying to unload real estate in Westbury. But, as one commenter on Swamplot puts it, "You know the time-worn saying about Westbury: Westbury is the next big thing -- and Always Will Be."

Don't get us wrong -- we live there and it's pretty nice, and the prices are cheap for what you get.

Not mentioned in the FT article, though -- the schools. Parker Elementary is fine, Johnson Middle School all right, but Westbury High...that's a bit dicier.

Also gone unremarked upon is the fact that much of Westbury isn't very far from some of the meaner streets of the southwest side. You don't have to go many blocks west of Hillcroft before you start running into apartment complexes that seem to draw a lot of police sirens.

Still, it's nice to see "The `bu," as insiders don't call it, getting some good pub. Hey, maybe this means yet another Westbury Square comeback!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.