Find Out Which Houstonians Were Anti-Gay In California's Prop 8 Fight

Gays -- and the people who love `em, like `em or just don't know why the government needs to mess with `em -- are still pissed about losing Proposition 8 in California, which banned gay marriages. And they're doing something about it.

(The semi-inspiring sequence over a similar election in Sean Penn's Milk is also adding to their activism.)

They're poring over lists of contributors and boycotting businesses and people who contributed to the drive for the ban.

They've broken down contributors by state, so we can see which Houston-area people donated money to keep down teh gheyz in California.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area, it turns out, is a lot more prominent on the list than us folks here.

The biggest contributors from here are Loren Carroll, an oil and gas executive who gave $25,000, and Laurence Simmons, a financial executive who also is a trustee of Rice University.

No other names really jump out at us, but feel free to peruse and decide if there's a business that shouldn't get your money.

-- Richard Connelly

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