Finger Furniture Stores Flip Houston The Bird

Great furniture -- and cheesy TV ads -- will no longer be "At Your Fingers!!!!"

Because there ain't going to be any more Fingers.

The company announced today they're abandoning the family name in order to concentrate on the Ashley Home Stores they run.

"Ashley"? Sounds pretty damn sissified to us. Give us a tough-talking, digit-pointing, oddly enthusiastic, strange-haired guy telling us something is "at your fingers," not "at your Ashley."

Company CEO Rodney Finger tells the Houston Chronicle that he had no choice, man.

"It's an extremely difficult decision, one I've wrestled with for a while,'' he said, but Ashley stores have been outperforming his Fingers stores for quite a while.

What's next -- Gallery Furniture will no longer "SAVE YOU MONEY!!!!!!!!"?

-- Richard Connelly

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