Fire Drayton McLane. Oh, We Can't Do That? Bummer. Cuz That's What Needs to Happen.

Hey, I know how you feel Astros fan. You’re disappointed with the Astros. Especially after the team lost its third game in a row. Especially after the team failed to compete for the third time in a row. Especially after the team gave up 12 runs for the second game in a row.

But remember this: the Astros have the best nucleus in baseball. And if Drayton said it, you’ve got to believe it. I don’t, but you must.

18-11. 12-4. 12-3. Those are the scores of the last three Astro games. And the games haven’t been as close as the scores indicate. Things could have been worse. The Astros only gave up seven runs in the first inning of this game. That’s a big improvement over the 11 runs surrendered in the first inning of Sunday’s game.

Go, go, Astros.

Boy, it’s a good thing Tim Purpura went out and pulled off that trade for Ty Wigginton. That’s going to make all of the difference in the world.

I listened to a bit of the Astros radio post-game show. The callers were, of course, angry. And everyone wants changes.

I want changes.

But let’s think for just a bit. Gerry Hunsicker lost his job because he wanted Drayton to butt out of the baseball business. The same thing happened to Bill Wood. And Bob Watson left to go to the Yankees so he could have more freedom. So what kind of general manager with any decent track record is going to want to take Tim Purpura’s job? Billy Beane’s not going to want a job where some idiot owner tells him what to do. Neither is someone like Terry Ryan with the Twins. And these people know what Drayton did to Hunsicker, and how Drayton lied to the Phillies and cost Hunsicker the Philadelphia GM job, so why would they want to take this job?

Drayton needs a GM who will tell him that he’s full of shit, and that he needs to shut up and stay away. That’s not going to happen. Drayton’s not going to let it happen. So forget about the Astros getting a Beane or Ryan or Jockety or anyone who works for them. The next Astro GM is going to be another person like Tim Purpura. A guy who’ll act as figurehead while Drayton makes all of the moves.

And I think that Phil Garner stinks as a manager. And I think that Phil needs to be fired and replaced by someone like Davey Johnson or Joe Girardi. Someone who, like the GM that should be hired, would tell Drayton to shut the fuck up and stay out of the way. But that’s not going to happen either.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that as long as Drayton owns the team, it’s pretty much going to suck.

But it could be worse, we could be Pirates fans.

At least the Texans don’t suck…

Oh, yeah, that’s right. They do.


The Astros wrap up the series against the Braves tonight. And the good news is that Woody Williams is on the mound tonight. If you can’t depend on Woody, then who can you depend on…

Oh, yeah. He sucks too.

Damn.— John Royal

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