First "Coke Strapped to the Thighs" Bust of the Year!!

Cigars wrapped on the thighs of Cuban virgins are the stuff of legend, but cocaine warmed by the nervous sweat of female Hispanic smugglers is oh so real.

But at least one load of it is not making its way to your neighborhood.

The Customs and Border Protection agency has announced its first "body-carrier" drug seizure of the year, 17 pounds of the stuff strapped to the thighs of two 20-year-old women trying to cross the border near Pharr.

According to Fox 26, gents at the Pharr International Bridge "were conducting an inspection Jan. 7 on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala sedan and decided to perform a secondary inspection on both the vehicle and the two women in the car."

Naturally, that inspection included the supple, tawny, coke-rich thighs of the two women, who, we're guessing, were walking rather uncomfortably after they got out of the car. The seized drugs had a street value of $500,000, feds say.

The names were not released, but one woman was a U.S. citizen and one a Mexican citizen.

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Richard Connelly
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