Photo courtesy Houston Texans
Michelle Lewis plans to be an OB/GYN

First Jewish Cheerleader: Texans Bravely Breaking Barriers

Leave it to the

Jewish Herald Voic

e to get the scoop, and the headline says it all:

"Meet the Texans' First Pre-Med Jewish Cheerleader."

You mean it's taken this long to get a pre-med Jewish cheerleader? And we think we live in enlightened times.

The Voice reports that Michelle Lewis is very likely the first Jewish cheerleader the Texans have had, pre-med or not.

The Bellaire High grad is at St. Thomas University and plans to go to medical school to be an OB/GYN.

Says the Voice:

It's a safe bet to assume there are more Jewish doctors in the world than there are NFL cheerleaders. Well, Bellaire native Michelle Lewis is likely the first Jew to do both.

Of course, if the results of the Cowboys game are taken into account, Lewis and her colleagues must be pretty terrible cheerleaders, since the team sucked.

Obviously it had nothing to do with Gary Kubiak, or Andre Johnson's injury, or the inability of the defense to get any pressure on Tony Romo. No, the failure is more likely due to a lack of cheerleading enthusiasm, probably because one person -- and we're not saying who -- was thinking of her pre-med classwork.

Further information: According to her official Texans page, her favorite movie ever is The Hangover.

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