First Names For SXSW Film Fest Are Out

Some people wait eagerly for the Houston rodeo to announce its musical acts (Holla in the house for the Jonas Brothers!!!); others wait just as eagerly to see who's coming to the SXSW Film Festival in Austin.

Wait no longer. For at least a taste of who's coming, anyway.

The biggest attraction: Todd Haynes, the quirky indie director who gave us the Dylan sorta-bio I'm Not There, will have on on-stage conversation with Austin's Richard Linklater, the equally quirky indie director who everyone in Texas knows.

Also appearing are two names that do need an introduction but should be interesting nonetheless: Col Needham, the man who put together the indispensable Internet Movie Database website; and Jan Harlan, who produced many of the best Stanley Kubrick movies like Barry Lyndon (Yeah, he produced better Kubrick movies, but ain't no one shaking me from my love for Barry Lyndon, for the Chieftains-flavored soundtrack if nothing else.)

The festival's coming up sooner than you think -- March 13. Other big names, probably even (much) bigger, are sure to be announced before then.

-- Richard Connelly

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