Five Best Glenn Beck Freakouts: We'll Miss You, Dude

As he hinted at his Houston appearance, Glenn Beck, the face of Fox News to so many Americans who recoil in horror at Fox News, will be ending his TV show.

He'll still do occasional specials, and tour, but your daily dose of Beckensian madness will no longer be on TV.

We'll miss the freakouts and the weirdness. Here are five, from both his radio show and epic TV daily bullletin of bravery.

5. Target: Keith Olbermann Glenn gets very confused by how other opinion shows are put together.

4. The Health Care Scream Beck shouts the salient point that American health care is so bad that "Speakers of the Parliament of Australia who can't get their prostate treatment!!" come here.

3. Creepy Lover Here Glenn Beck demonstrates how not to get laid.

2. Gandhi was Filled with Rage, Not Me So just ignore the barking, please.

1. Glenn & Santa Glenn buys candy during his "Christmas Sweater" tour, and we are supposed to be fascinated. No freakout, but again, creepy.

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Richard Connelly
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