Five Best Places For Furtive Sex At The New Downtown Y

Some things never change
The vintage Downtown YMCA is about to close, a shiny modern facility is set to take its place, and one question demands to be answered: Where are you gonna have your furtive gay sex in this new place?

When we asked around seeking what people would/wouldn't miss most about the old place, sex -- real, imagined or just presumed -- got mentioned often. Not from people who were having it, but everyone seems to think the locker rooms, the saunas, the nooks and crannies of the weird old building were hotbeds of mad monkey love.

But it's soon to be a parking garage, and so the new Y has some big holes to fill. (Yes, we went there.) There was a sneak preview of the place last night (slideshow here) and we scoped it out:

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Richard Connelly
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