Five Houston Fashion Instagram Accounts That Made Us Say "WOW"

Be honest as soon as you wake up you check it. You want to know how many followers you have and who liked your photos. Instagram has become more than just the place where you see pictures of your friends partying or your favorite celebrity bragging about their $1500 shoes.

If you are looking for a glam squad you don't have to look further than this app. It's a reason Facebook paid $1 billion to acquire Instagram, everybody uses it. At any moment you can see someone promoting their business now too.

If you want to step out and have a look all your own then check out these accounts we found that can help you get there.

5. Nails Nails can make or break your look. It's just as important as wearing the right heels. I try not to walk around anywhere in Houston with chipped polish or broken nails. It wasn't until I logged into Instagram and found a new nail tech that was able to give my nails a makeover. It doesn't matter if you want stiletto nails, glitter or your love for the Rockets. Those boys in red need love too.

4. Dresses How many times have you gone to Forever XXI excited about that Little Black Dress you found, only to see someone at the party wearing it too? I hate when that happens. If you want to step inside a club and be sure that nobody looks like you, wear a dress and a tutu at the same time.

3. Make-up If you are celebrating a birthday, attending a wedding, or just going out to turn up with your friends, why not look amazing while doing it. You can get your face "beat" as in your make-up applied flawlessly. You can feel like a celebrity even if it's just for a day. Nothing is too over the top, matter of fact I think they love doing extravagant applications.

2. Hair Extensions You don't have to be a celebrity to wear hair extensions because it's more common than you think. Almost every photo has Rihanna in a different color, cut, and style. Extensions are the perfect accessory if you want to change your look. It doesn't matter if you want blonde, purple, or red.

1. Hairstylists You have the hair, now all that's missing is the right person to install it. This is a serious job. Maybe that's why they call it an "install". So when you swing that hair you can feel like a brand new woman.

The days of handing out your business card are almost over, now all you need is a little app-savvy.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.