Five Icy-Road Skid-Crash Videos, To Get You Ready for Your Commute Home

Okay, you waited until the ice melted and the streets cleared up a bit, then you headed into work because that's the kind of dedicated employee you are.

And you're going to burn the midnight oil a bit to make up for that lost morning. Don't stay too long, though: The streets with water on them are going to refreeze pretty quickly once the sun (such as it is today) sets.

What can you expect? Here are five videos of driving mishaps on icy roads. Don't get cocky because some of them have snow and we don't. Invisible ice is a lot more dangerous than snow.

5. Excellent Escape Leads to Excellent Escape Not sure about the Tony Bennett soundtrack, but check out about 30 seconds in -- a woman who sees she's doomed to skid into a stopped car jumps out to safety, only to find herself forced to scramble from the car behind her which can't stop either.

4. The Hits Keep Coming Just when you think it's all over, another car enters the scene.

3. Snarky British Narrator Plus Banjo Music Equals Funny! We're calling bullshit on this accent.

2. You Think Maybe a Sign Might Help? Either everyone chooses to ignore the warning sign on this curve, or whatever country this is has decided to really cut back on warning signs.

1. The World's Most Hopeless Rescue Attempt You've lost control of your car to the point that you're outside it as it's skidding madly downhill. Seeing as you're skidding downhill just as fast, what should you do? Trying to stop your out-of-control vehicle by grabbing it and trying to pull it to a stop would not be our first idea, but that's just us, we guess.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.