Five Incredibly Patriotic WWE Moments to Help Celebrate 4th of July

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We turn 238 years old today!

Indeed, our little nation is all growns up! And we growns up and we growns up and we growns up!

It's a day to celebrate all that makes our nation great -- barbecue, cold beer, fireworks (in most states), speedy internet, television with a couple thousand channels, binge watching shows on Netflix, Kendall Jones, and WWE videos any time we want them!

There was a time when I would have paid big money in an auction to be able to spend the weekend in WWE's video library. Now, between their own network and the collective efforts of YouTube Nation, I can spend the weekend in their video library in my house.

God bless America! And God bless WWE! And to celebrate these two things, how about we God bless WWE celebrating the dominance of America!

In the words of Daniel Bryan -- "YES! YES! YES!"

So go grab your first (or fifth or tenth or whatever) beer of the day, and settle in for a half hour or so, and enjoy these WWE videos, each of which oozes its own brand of patriotism. Happy and safe 4th of July to all of you, and to our growns up country, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

1984: Sgt. Slaughter issues challenge to the Iron Sheik On the list of great babyface turns, the conversion of Sergeant Slaughter from oppressive bully drill sergeant to protector of the red, white, and blue is one of the best ever. Here are the seeds of that turn being planted (drink every time Slaughter says the word "maggot")...

....and if you want to see Sarge recite the pledge of allegiance, then go to the 28:00 mark on this link here.

1987: Hacksaw Jim Duggan debuts by running in on Sheik and Volkoff In 1987, Slaughter had left the company to go to the AWA, but the Sheik and Volkoff still needed a red blooded American to battle in a struggle of good versus evil (live on pay per view!), so Vince McMahon signed Jim Duggan, stuck a two by four in his hand, and had him scream into the camera about Russkies and Commies. Tried and true formula. AMERICA!....

1993: Lex Luger slams Yokozuna on the 4th of July I detailed my thoughts on this event last year on the 4th of July, just know that this is the greatest accomplishment in our nation's history on this date (tied for first with every time Joey Chestnut pummels the shit out of Kobayashi in the hot dog eating contest)....

1993: The Undertaker actually acts human and patriotic This was a promo that the baby faces (The All Americans) gave before facing the heels (Foreign Fanatics) at Survivor Series 1993. What made this promo odd is the Undertaker, who up to that point (even as a good guy) acted like he was one of the undead, all of a sudden gaining some semblance of patriotic awareness, a joy that he wanted to convey by sewing a Betsy Ross "13 colonies" flag into the lining of his long, black, frightening Undertaker coat. Nothing's too good for Old Glory.....

Hulk Hogan "Real American" video There are really too many "Hulk Hogan, American patriot and hero" moments to choose from. After all, he is a real American, fights for what's right, fights for your life. So let's just celebrate the Hulkster with his music video, because Hulk Hogan strumming a guitar with an American flag design is essentially our generation's portrait equivalent of the forefathers crossing the Delaware River.....

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.