Five Jobs Even Riskier Than Texans' QB, Such As Spinal Tap Drummer

If you didn't read our Texans' game wrap -- and you should, it offers positive thoughts for the team's future this season -- you might not know that Matt Leinart, the backup quarterback playing his first game as a Texan because starter Matt Schaub had a season-ending injury, suffered his own season-ending injury less than two quarters into Sunday's game.

Good news, though!! Backup backup T.J. Yates made it through the entire rest of the game relatively uninjured. Of course, he was asked to do little but hand off.

You might think being the Texans' quarterback is the most dangerous job out there these days, but you'd be wrong. Just consider this list of more dangerous jobs:

5. Spinal Tap drummer In the Texans' defense, none of their QBs have choked on someone else's vomit. Yet.

4. Black Friday Walmart greeter An elderly guy facing a big rush? The Texans might get to experience that if they nab Brett Favre out of retirement, like some are suggesting.

3. Dude holding the first-down chains when the T.J. Yates Texans play the Jags You're not going to be moving much, so like every other viewer, you'll die of boredom.

2. Any job where a Discovery Channel video crew asks if they can "just follow you around for a day or two" We hear they're coming to Reliant Stadium this week.

1. Al Qaeda Number-Two man Your chances are as good as the Texans' odds of making the Super Bowl this year.

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