Five Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Geeks and Nerds

Friday, October 30th. The day before Halloween. Not that we think this fact has escaped you, dear, dear reader. But we know exactly what predicament you're in. It's clear by the panic on your face. You don't have a Halloween costume, do you? Shame shame. But we figured.

Although it's usually par for the course that women acceptably transform themselves into raging sluts and men throw on their fathers' old suits and deem themselves golfers, Rod Stewart, or '70s pimps, you can't pull off any of that nonsense this year. We feel you. So what on earth are your options?

Well, what we geeks lack in brawn, beauty, or, ahem, body benefits, we make up for in brains, right? When all else fails, let your inner geek burn bright on Halloween night for all the world to see. After all, Belle did turn Gaston down for the Beast, didn't she? Then you've got a shot in hell, too.

The Huffington Post has been challenging its readers all week to flaunt their costumed inner techie nerds. You want to be on the cutting edge of technogeekery even on Halloween, don't you? Well, we picked out our favorite get-ups for your imitation pleasure. 'Cause we know you're flatter-tastic like that.

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Fayza Elmostehi
Contact: Fayza Elmostehi