Five More Stretches Of Bad Houston Road

When we put up our list of poorly designed pieces of road in Houston, we asked for your suggestions. And, by comment and e-mail, they came in.

The recurring theme seemed to be: Stay off the West Loop if you value your life.

Let's take it from the south up. We already mentioned the very southwest corner of the Loop, which offers a death-defying merge; head north a mile or two and more fun begins.

1. The Bissonet and Bellaire Boulevard entrance ramps. Those Bellaire commuters get on the Loop heading north, and they're faced with some very quick decisions in the midst of people already on the Loop making their own very quick decisions. "The problem is that people entering the ramp have to QUICKLY cross 3 lanes of traffic (2 of which go to 59 south and north) in order to go north on 610 and pass the Galleria," one reader said. "Traffic is almost always backed up in the lanes going to 59. People are crossing to get to 59 and people are crossing to get to 610 all at the same time....It's the most insane intersection."

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2. The Southbond West Loop near Richmond. People are trying to merge onto 59, people are trying to exit/enter to/from Richmond and Hidalgo....Lots of quick decisions, very little time to make them. "What idiot decided it would be a good idea to have an on ramp dumping people into one of the busiest interchanges in the state?" one reader asks.

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3. The West Loop/290/18th Street/North Loop clusterfuck. Wherever you want to go in this area, you can be sure it involves having to cross a bunch of lanes full of drivers trying to get over to where you are. Fun!!

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4. The mess where Allen Parkway, Memorial Drive, Shepherd & Kirby meet. To navigate this confluence of intersections, you just have to accept that none of it makes any sense, there are no signs to guide you, no one else knows what they're doing, and at some point you just have to take matters into your own hands. "The end results are drivers running red lights and acting like total douchebags," one commenter wrote.

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5. Going from the Allen Parkway to the Pierce Elevated southbound. Another little bit of Houston heaven -- a disastrously short merge lane, with limited visibility, onto a highway where people are screaming past at 70 MPH. Cross your fingers and go.

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Of course, any additions are welcome again.

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