Five Reasons Notre Dame Will Win The BCS This Year And Texas Won't: Part 2

I admit, there will be Tuesday mornings when it will be difficult to write this item each week. Luckily, today isn't one of them.

In Week Two of the college-football season, Notre Dame continued effortlessly along its well-planned path to the BCS title, while UT stumbled badly.

It remains to be seen if the Longhorns can recover from this week's debacle. Once again, we offer five reasons why ND will be a champion and UT won't.

1. UT struggled mightily against Wyoming. Wyoming! Or it might have been Montana. Whichever team has the bucking cowboy on its helmets. For more than 20 minutes -- all of the first quarter and almost half of the second -- the Longhorns could manage a meager single field goal against a pathetic Wyoming team. The halftime score was 13-10, for crying out loud. (In UT's defense, they were ahead.) We think even Louisiana-Monroe could hang more than 13 points on Wyoming in a half.

2. Notre Dame, on the other hand, took the winningest team in NCAA football history down to the wire. In their stadium, no less. No team has won more games than Michigan, and the Big House holds 110,000 or so screaming fans, making it the most hostile environment in Ann Arbor. Despite such daunting odds, the Irish led at times until several questionable calls -- by Big Ten officials -- finally allowed the Wolverines to escape with a victory. That's the kind of thing that gets noticed in the polls.

3. Notre Dame got its single loss this year out of the way early. It's a truism in college football -- if you're going to lose a game, do it early in the season. Poll voters will forget about it as the year goes on, and you will be climbing your way back into contention in no time. There are no doubt some naysayers carping that ND should have gone ahead and beaten Michigan, but Charlie Weis knows what he's doing.

4. The Texas-Wyoming game was on the Versus channel, for crying out loud. Sure, anyone tuning in for yet another replay of the Tour de France would have seen it, but Versus?!? Not even The Ocho? That's minor-league, dudes. What's next -- Lifetime? Having a game on Versus will not be a plus when voters try to figure out who will attract the best ratings for a BCS title game. Although, in Texas's defense -- again, since we try above all things to be even-handed here -- we're sure the UT game was the highest-rated Versus show that day. For the wine-sipping demographic.

5. Colt McCoy threw an interception. Against Wyoming. Experts doubted it could be done, but McCoy proved them wrong. Luckily for his sake, he was able to limit his interceptions to just one. Jimmy Clausen, on the other hand, easily continued on his march to the Heisman.

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