Five Reasons Notre Dame Will Win The BCS This Year And Texas Won't: Part 5

College football's Top Ten this year has been a holy mess -- some crummy teams have been ranked highly (Ole Miss, Cal), others haven't (Miami, Iowa).

UT has stayed steadily in the number-two spot, mostly by playing no one of any worth whatsoever. (Even UH beat Tech, and UH couldn't even beat UTEP.)

This week, though, UT outdid itself, taking no chances against even the lame-ass opponents they usually round up. It won't help them in the long run, of course; this past weekend once again produced five reasons why Notre Dame will win the BCS title and Texas won't.

1. UT's vaunted offense scored no points this week. Get it? It's a joke!! Because UT had a bye week! More seriously, though, the bye allowed Colt McCoy to actually make it through a Saturday without throwing an interception, although we did hear he got picked off four times in Madden.

2. Notre Dame defeated a Washington team that beat USC this year. You know, USC, the single-most dominant college football team of the 21st century, according to ESPN? USC's dynasty has been marked with at least one unshared national-title win, so you know they're good. And Washington must be even better to have beaten them. Yet ND won.

3. ND's defense was, simply, unbelievable. Three amazing goal-line stands against one of the best double-threat QBs in the nation? Unbelievable. Giving up continent-sized chunks of yardage by refusing to tackle anyone not in the red zone? Unbelievable. And, as anyone will tell you, unbelievable defenses win championships.

4. Jimmy Clausen led another dramatic comeback win. Against a team that was a two-touchdown underdog, to be sure. But UT has been favored by multiple TDs almost every game this year. Has Colt McCoy ever led the Horns to a dramatic comeback win in any of those games? No. Heisman advantage: Clausen.

5. Notre Dame scheduled its bye week so it would have two weeks to prepare for USC; Texas scheduled its bye week so it would have two weeks to prepare for...Colorado. Maybe -- just maybe -- the extra time studying the Buffaloes' so-called "defense" will let McCoy get through this game without a pick. Fingers crossed, Horn fans!!!!

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