Five Reasons Notre Dame Will Win The BCS Title This Year And Texas Won't: Part 3

Week Three of the college-football season is in the books, and Notre Dame's march to the national championship continues unabated, while the University of Texas continues to struggle mightily.

Is there time left for the Longhorns to right the ship? Difficult to say -- they've dug themselves a big hole, and if there is one thing that's hard to do, it's righting a ship that's in a big hole.

Let's examine the five ways ND continued to shine while UT continued to shoot itself in the foot.

1. Notre Dame took on an almost-undefeated Michigan State team and cruised easily to victory. Coming off a heart-breaking, if well-planned, loss to perennial powerhouse Michigan, the Irish took on the Spartans...and just ask the Persians how tough the Spartans can be. Instead of crumbling, Notre Dame effortlessly won the game 33-30, which wasn't as close as the score -- or the unbelievably-wide-open-in-the-end-zone-with-one-minute-left MSU incomplete pass -- would indicate.

2. That clip of Jordan Shipley playing the guitar and singing like Dan Fogelberg after an estrogen injection will haunt BCS voters forever. Seeing how no UT game can be broadcast for more than 13 consecutive minutes without the announcers reminding us that Shipley and Colt McCoy are roommates, this isn't going to help UT's golden QB much either.

3. Inquiring minds want to know: Can Colt McCoy actually play a game without throwing an interception? The words "Texas Tech" and "defense" are seldom uttered in the same sentence, unless they are separated by the words "has no." Yet the Red Raiders picked off McCoy twice. As in two times. Other teams that have intercepted McCoy this year: UL-Monroe and Wyoming. Teams McCoy has played this year without throwing a pick: None. Jimmy Clausen, on the other hand, has thrown 14 TD passes in his last four games without throwing a single INT.

4. Things that don't help your rep: Having college football's biggest video screen forlornly urging "LOUDER!!!" to an utterly quiet stadium. We know UT alumni have thrown millions and millions of dollars into making Memorial Stadium an allegedly sophisticated venue where even John Mackovic could feel comfortable hosting a wine tasting, but that hasn't exactly helped turn it into a hostile environment. You could have heard a melon baller drop at several points during the Tech game. That's not going to help you come BCS voting time.

5. UT, you obviously drug your animals. Specifically, Bevo. There he sat, in a stadium packed with 100,000 fans -- yes, very quiet fans, to be sure -- but still, even the Horn faithful put down their canapes for a brief moment when Shipley went into Jackson Browne mode and returned a punt for a touchdown. At the end of the play, Shipley all but landed square on Bevo's head, apparently assuming it was part of a mani/pedi/facial procedure. And Bevo -- in the midst of a relatively loud crowd, with a whiny guitar player about to land on his head -- barely moved. Eventually, due no doubt to a cattle prod wielded to make him look at least slightly less lethargic than Sid Vicious with an armful of heroin, Bevo moved. Slightly. And then went right back to snoring contentedly. BCS voters will no doubt be very concerned about PETA backlash if they vote the Horns too high.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.