Five Reasons Why Notre Dame Will Win The BCS And UT Won't: Part 6

Catch up on previous posts through the links last week.

It was a difficult week to gauge the relative strength of the Longhorns and Irish, since both teams had a bye week. The Irish had what is known as a "real" bye week; the Longhorns played Colorado, which is the same thing. (For you non-Buffs followers, CU has lost to Toledo this year, a feat previously thought to have been not possible for a major-conference team.)

So we mostly limited our football watching Saturday night to the LSU-Florida game. We did switch over at several points to UT-Colorado, and found little to boost the Longhorns' BCS dreams.

1. With less than a minute left in the half, UT was down 14-3. To Colorado. Score with less than a minute left in their game last month: Toledo 23, Colorado 3. We learned through a replay summary that Colorado's second TD stemmed from a Colt McCoy fumble. "At least he didn't throw an interception," we thought, always trying to look at the UT bright side.

2. Colt McCoy threw an interception. Against Colorado. Hard to believe? Look, if you can actually manage to throw interceptions against UL-Monroe, UTEP and Wyoming (Tech, too!!), then nothing's impossible. Except winning a Heisman.

3. The Longhorn offense -- against Colorado -- looked like Colorado's offense against everyone else. How did UT win? Long returns on special teams and interceptions -- including a 92-yard pick-six when the CU QB lamely tossed a floater to the flat while ignoring an open receiver in the end zone. Otherwise, the Horns generated exactly 17 points on offense. Toledo put up 54, and no one knows what their nickname is.

4. Notre Dame climbed in the polls this week and UT fell. The AP poll dropped UT from second to third, a 33 percent fall. ND went from unranked to 25, which is an infinity increase, if our understanding of math is correct.

5. UT plays Oklahoma this weekend, and ND plays USC. Can UT beat OU? It's difficult to tell -- the Sooners have not faced UL-Monroe or Wyoming this year, so comparisons are hard. But even if the Horns win, they'll only beat a Number 20 team. ND will beat a team ranked sixth. If there is a God.

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