Five Reasons Why Notre Dame Will Win The BCS Title This Year And Texas Won't: First In A Series

The first weekend of the college football season is over, and UT fans are rejoicing, or at least schadenfreuding, over OU's loss to BYU.

In the cause of bringing football sanity to the Lone Star State, we will have a continuing series this year outlining why Notre Dame has a better chance of winning the BCS this year than the Longhorns. We'll update each week, and go slowly so UT fans can understand.

This week's wrap-up:

1. Louisiana-Monroe? Are you freaking kidding me? [Brief pause while we look up just what the hell Louisiana-Monroe's nickname is...] The Warhawks hung up 20 points on UT before they took the pedal off the metal. In terms of strength-of-schedule help down the line in BCS ratings, UT mmight just as well have played Temple. Who might have put up 21 on the Horns.

2. Notre Dame, on the other hand, shut out Nevada. Before you teasips start wailing "Nevada," just say the following words: "Louisiana-Monroe." The strength-of-schedule on this will come back to bite UT in the ass, as Nevada goes on to rack up an impressive record in the WAC.

3. ND stifled an amazing quarterback. Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick is on Phil Steele's "dark-horse" list for the Heisman. As is every QB that starts for any team that possibly could have a winning record, sure, but that list does not include Louisiana-Monroe. In the past couple of years, the only good QB the Irish have stifled is Jimmy Clausen.

4. Your precious Colt McCoy threw an interception. Against Louisiana-Monroe. Experts said going into the game that such a thing was impossible, but McCoy proved them worng.

5. You play Wyoming next week. Fun  fact: There's not a city in Wyoming whose population wouldn't sit comfortably in Memorial Stadium with tens of thousands of seats to spare. But, we guess, they're more formidable than Louisiana-Monroe. ND, on the other hand, travels to Michigan, the winningest football program in NCAA history. (Second-place: UT. Third-place: ND. But not for long!!!)

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