Five Reasons Why the Patriots Will Beat the Texans

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I've already explained why the Texans will beat the Patriots. So, how could I possibly explain then how the Patriots will beat the Texans. Let's just say while my rooting interests lie with the Texans, I am enough of a sports fan to see both sides. I certainly don't WANT the Patriots to win on Sunday and end the Texans' season, but the cards are stacked in their favor and there are good reasons to pick them as the favorites.

Of course, I wouldn't be shocked or upset if the Texans decided to nullify every single one of these advantages, but it will take a lot to overcome the machine that is Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England team.

Here are five reasons why they will win.

5. Tight ends.

Since Randy Moss moved on, Wes Welker has been their only truly reliable threat in the passing game, but the combination of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski this season has been a devastating matchup problem for opposing defenses. Without Brian Cushing, their best cover linebacker, Daryl Sharpton or Tim Dobbins, the Texans will have to commit safeties and additional defensive backs to cover the explosive tight end tandem.

4. Vince Wilfork.

He is a load in the middle and wrought havoc on the Texans in the last game they played. With the Texans zone blocking scheme favoring speed and athleticism over size, they have the tendency to be pushed around by big nose tackles and interior defensive linemen. Rookie guard Ben Jones, who is a beast with good footwork, may be asked to help with Wilfork, but my guess is Wilfork is salivating at the opportunity of eating up the rookie.

3. Experience.

The Texans will face no team this offseason with the kind of experience over the past decade the Patriots enjoy. No one has been there more often, and the kind of success they have had at home is enviable. The Texans coaching staff has appeared outmatched a few times this season and mostly by experienced coaches who can adjust during the game. Additionally, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub will be in only his second playoff game ever this week. Tom Brady will be in his 20th.

2. Coaching.

As surly and frustrating as the Patriots coach may be, he is one of the all-time greats and is nearly impossible to predict. Texans coach Gary Kubiak admitted that he has faced Belichick preparing for a 3-4 defense, which they had played all season, only to show up and face a 4-3. The clear advantage goes to the Patriots here.

1. Tom Brady.

Without question, Brady is one of the all-time greats at his position. It is arguable he is the greatest ever. His leadership on the field and uncanny ability to make brilliant split-second decisions are second to none. He sliced and diced the Texans secondary in their last meeting. It's hard to imagine he won't do the same in the playoffs.

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