Five Reasons You Shouldn't Smoke Pot With Former Aggie QB Reggie McNeal

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College footballer with weed -- you're thinking Mack Brown's Longhorns, right?

Forget it -- we're talking Aggies. Former Aggies. Former Aggies like quarterback Reggie McNeal, currently a Canadian Football League free agent. Currently a CFL free agent who keeps getting arrested for weed.

McNeal was arrested recently for marijuana possession in Bryan, thereby offering proof to our theory that you don't want to smoke dope with him. Here are five reasons why:

5. You will get arrested. This marked the second time in just four months that McNeil has been arrested for marijuana. That is either some dumb bad luck ir dumb bad behavior.

For the second time in four months. That's UT Style, baby.

4. You will get arrested in the stupidest way. Four months ago, it was a single joint in his car as he was pulled over on Highway 6. Say what you will about racial profiling, if you can't hide a single joint somewhere and act straight, you're probably too wasted to drive. On the other hand, maybe the cop was a Longhorn fan and decided to be thorough.

His second arrest came a week or so ago, and here's how the Bryan-College Station Eagle described it:

According to the police report, Bryan officers were called to a home on Allen Ridge because of suspected drug activity after several vehicles were seen coming and going from the home.

Officers reported that they could smell marijuana coming from inside the home. When they entered the house, loose marijuana and burnt marijuana cigars were in plain view, according to the police report.

"Several vehicles"? And how much weed are you smoking that they can smell it outside without noticing cops walking around?

McNeil and another man were on a couch. Cops found a bag of weed under the cushion of the couch, the Eagle said. "Both men said it didn't belong to them, according to the police report," it reported.

3. When he's (allegedly) stoned we bet he always talks about his 298 yards passing against the University if Wyoming. "Dude, we know. You've told us before. And for crissake it was Wyoming. I think I could get 300 yards against Wyoming!"

"Oh, the Cowboys came out determined that night, my friend, and Kyle Field was rocking..."

2. You end up hanging around with these dudes.

Nothing against this fine collection of brosephs, they just seem a little....sleepy somehow in their mugshots after getting arrested with McNeil. A happy kind of sleepy, to be sure, but they're not going clubbing tonight, sister-friend.

1. He always tries to throw in some French when he's (allegedly) high. It's all that Candian Football League experience. "Oui, oui, certainement nous...ummm...will get some Sonic."

It's a rich cultura; scene but trust us, you will get arrested.

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