Five Scariest Movie Moments You Probably Haven't Seen

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It's Halloween, which means a great deal to people who never outgrew the need to dress like someone else to gain the acceptance of others. It's also the season for watching scary movies, and while everybody is familiar with the scary-ass moments from popular horror movies (Dallas & the alien in the air shaft, the chestbiter in

The Thing,

that list practically writes itself) we thought it might be more illuminating to examine the scariest moments from horror movies you (probably) haven't seen.

5. The Exorcist III (1990)

Oh shut up, you totally did not see this (I know, like, five people who have, and the people I hang out with are serious dorks). The quintessential "jump" scene comes at the expense of a hapless nurse making her rounds, blissfully unaware of the garden shears-wielding maniac that emerges from the room she just left. Hint: It's easier to take if you imagine the statue at the end saying, "How about no?"

4. Jacob's Ladder (1990)

Is Jacob crazy? Is he in hell? Is the scariest thing about this clip the messed up wheel on the gurney that's just like the one on the cart you get at the grocery store? Dude.

3. Salem's Lot (1979)

The 1979 TV miniseries was way better than the 2004 TV miniseries, and not just because David Soul is metric assloads cooler than Rob Lowe, but because of this goddamn scene, which prompted my ten-year old ass to hurriedly make a crucifix out of two rulers. I still have it in my nightstand, because you never know.

2. The Eye (2002)

Asian horror remake mania has died down somewhat (we'd rather rip off the Scandinavians now), and the Jessica Alba-riffic remake of this movie is a big reason why. The moment in question, called "What are you doing in my chair?," is the second one in this clip. I'm not watching it again.

1. Fuel

I'm cheating, because one of the scariest scenes I've ever witnessed is from a short film you'll never get to see. It's called Fuel, it was directed by an Australian stuntman named Nash Edgerton, and I saw it as part of the Horror Shorts program at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. It's a simple plot: a couple drives through the countryside, their car breaks down, and a...friendly hitchhiker points the man in the direction of a gas station. The scene in question seriously freaked my shit. Unfortunately, it's not viewable anywhere, and the closest thing to it is this one from the opening Twlight Zone: The Movie, which...really isn't all that scary, unfortunately.

-- Pete Vonder Haar

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