Five Thoughts That Will Be Going Through Texan Fans' Heads On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is not even a bittersweet day for Houston Texan fans normally, seeing how the team is usually so far from being a contender to play in it that not being in it causes agita.

This year, though, things were a little different. The Texans and their fans had to wait through a Sunday Night game on the final weekend of the season to see if they were going to make the playoffs or not. If the Bengals had put up a fight, Texans fans insist, things would have been different. Of course the Jets later proved their ultimate worth in the post-season, but it's best not to throw facts in the face of sweet dreams.

So Texan fans will watch the game Sunday with a jumble of thoughts. Here are five:

1. Hey, We Almost Beat Those Guys!! Twice!!
The Texans' trademarked Feeble Opening Stretch of the Season included going into Indinapolis and beating the Colts. Kicker Kris Brown missed a FG that would have tied the game as time expired, but it was no doubt a fluke and there is no way he would have missed any other clutch kicks in the 2009 season. We're assuming.

2. Hey, We Could Have Drafted That Guy!!
Is Reggie Bush still going out with Kim Karsashian? We don't keep up with these things. But if so, you can only imagine the Houston faux-socialites lining up to alternatively a) be her best friend, or b) dis her for being a snob, at all the trendy clubs in town. Such as they are.

3. Didn't the Saints Used toSuck as Badly as the Texans?

Yes. Yes, they did. Apparently the key to improving from a single-digit-win season, and getting into the playoffs -- much less the Super Bowl -- invlolves hiring people in the front office, and the coaching staff, who have an unfortunate but longstnading prejudice against ever working in Houston. It's ugly and sad how some bigoted people think, but it is what it is.

4. If those Goddamn ColtsHadn't Laid Down Against the Jets, We Would Have Been in the Playoffs!!

One and done, dreamers; one and done, Even in your fantasy "making the playoffs" world.

5. Ummm, Are There Any Good Commercials This Year?
Probably not, to be honest. But at least none of them will be as painful as trusting in Kris Brown's foot with the game on the line.


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