Five Unbelievable Anti-Drug Ads That We Doubt Ever Worked

Television public-service announcements are to fighting drugs what abstinence-only education is to preventing teenage sex: In theory it should work, but the presentation often falls very, very short.

That hasn't stopped people from trying, of course. Here are five of the classics. Decide for yourself if they did more harm than good.

5. The what now?

"It's the in thing, the hula hoop of the jet generation and as much a part of growing up as smoking corn silk behind the back fence" -- Man, people talked crazy back then.

4. In which those with the munchies decide to make breakfast

We're guessing late-night egg consumption skyrocketed as a result of this PSA.

3. Someone's high

The producers would like to thank the

altered state of Drugachusetts


2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Pot

Oscar Wilde and Voltaire could only dream of producing such a crushing witticism as that which ends this ad.

1. The all-time classic

"Who taught you how to do this stuff?" "You, alright: I learned it by watching YOU!!"

Which means, judging from Dad's mustache, that the kid will be doing porn in a few years.

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