Five Very Bad Christmas Gift-Card Ideas

There has been no single greater advancement in Chrstimas gift-giving than that hard piece of rectangular plastic known as the gift card.

Unlike money, which shows absolutely zero effort in trying to determine what your gift recipient might enjoy, a gift card shows you have thought through the process, at least to the degree of picking a store or restaurant or service.

Some gift cards, however, just don't make good stocking stuffers. Here are five to avoid:

5. "For me? Why, am I showing yet?" For the gal who has everything, especially if she doesn't want it.

4. Special Wishes in this Holiday Season Sure, Uncle Billy could probably use this, but...

3. "Wow. Ummm, thanks." No appointment necessary!! Walk-ins welcome!!


2. "Mom -- You shouldn't have!" No, really, you shouldn't have. Or maybe I shouldn't have posted that status update on Facebook.

1. To Daddy Easily transferred into sweaty twenty-dollar bills. (For all we know, they might actually sell these things.)

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