Five Very Bad Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day: What are you gonna do?

You are forced by the powers that be to get something, unless your Dad has passed on to his reward. And if you're a Dad yourself, then you have to resign yourself to books from that one author someone saw on your shelf (never mind that you hated that book), tools from people who don't know one-tenth about tools as you, or a gag T-shirt that's funny for about two seconds and will never be worn. (We refuse to believe anyone still gives ties, except ironically, and lots of luck with that.)

A lot of bad Father's Day gifts out there to be given. Here are five.

5. A vibrator A no-brainer, we would think, but this ad haunts our dreams. Why the hell does the guy react like he does at the end? We refuse to believe one interpretation, which is that 'Yay, we got three vibrators" gets such a happy reaction because the woman has, ummm, only two orifices where a vibrator could conceivably be used, meaning there's one left for the man of the house.

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Richard Connelly
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