Five Very Lame Pet Costumes For Halloween

You're set for Halloween: You've got your Justin Bieber wig or your Situation six-pack.

But what about your pet? No self-respecting Halloween nerd can get through the holiday without dressing up his or her little best friend.

You can do this the right way, but more likely you're going to do it the wrong way. Here are five costumes to avoid, and why:

5. Iron Man

Why avoid it:

Little kitteh dies from asphyxiation. Your Halloween party fizzles out.

4. Pedobear the dog

Why avoid it:

Come on --


party's going to have someone in a Pedobear costume. Do you want little Buggles to look like a copycat?

3. Lady Gaga

Why avoid it:

See above. Also, raw meat and a pit bull? That costume ain't lasting long.

2. The X-Men's Professor X

Why avoid it: It's just sad, without the superpowered mind and all. Too much of a downer. Also, he can read your mind.

1. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Why avoid it: Because it's not 10 years ago. And the other pet owners will not laugh as hard as you when, after five Natty Lights, you start trying to get your dog to hump theirs.

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