Five Ways to Accommodate Houston's Population Growth

recent Rice University study found that Houston is getting bigger and not just around the waistline. According to the study, H-Town was the fastest growing city in America over the last decade. Apparently, everything truly is bigger in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth was number two on the list).

We have all the things any person could want: cheap living expenses, world class restaurants, theaters and museums, hurricanes, massive roaches and jungle-like humidity. Who wouldn't want to live here? But, it got us to thinking just what we would do if the city's population growth continued. We don't mind being a little on the pudgy side, but we grow the way we have and, in another decade, we're going to need a few sessions at Weight Watchers.

Fortunately, we figured out some ways to help the city deal with its population growth that don't involve weapons of mass destruction.

5. Multiple High Rises on Ashby

Aside from the obvious love we have for such structures, it would be great to see more pretty yellow signs dotting the West U landscape. It's so...festive!

4. Commute from Austin

Tons of Houstonians would already prefer to live in Austin anyway, so we say, let them move there. Of course, they'll still need a job and we have more of those than our state capital. It's a two-and-a-half hour drive, but if the people who want high-speed rail in Texas have their way, a trip from ATX would be less time and hassle than a drive in from the suburbs.

3. Inner Loop Checkpoints

We all know that to avoid the annoyance of a city overflowing with people who aren't from here, long-time residents and natives (the few of us that are left) need a refuge and that safe place is inside the loop. We propose checkpoints for suburbanites that allow them in only under certain circumstances and for limited time periods. Draconian? Perhaps, but you'll thank us the first time some couple in a mini van that just cut you off in traffic is forced back to the 'burbs after curfew.

2. The Woodlands II

Some people love them some master planned communities, so we say, build more! Maybe they could go north towards Conroe or do a Kingwood II up near Cleveland. Even better, build a flotilla of McMansions on Clear Lake. Get on that, Friendswood Development!

1. The Astrodome

Every other proposal has been made, so why not just turn it into cheap housing? Maybe a giant dorm room or a co-op with a farmer's market right on the floor. They could re-install the scoreboard and the bull could be a community-wide alarm clock. Hell, seal it up and make it a bio-dome. Bring in Pauly Shore if need be. We're just spitballing.

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