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Flash Back

Our favorite former right-wing radio host/testicle-flasher is back in the



Seems former KSEV host Jon Matthews tested positive for alcohol and got caught discussing sexual fantasies on the Internet.

This violates the probation he received for a 2003 incident in which he opened the door of his Sugar Land home and exposed himself to an 11-year-old girl.

When the incident originally happened, Hair Balls made note of some curious comments on the message boards of ChronicallyBiased.com, a site founded by right-wing radio host/state-senate shoe-in Dan Patrick:

From Nanci B: "Jon was and IS still a friend of mine. I believe after talking to Jon and [his wife] several times AFTER this incident, that Jon did nothing more inappropriate than opening a door to a neighbor's child after dark in his underwear."

From Anon: "I am one to be a little suspicious of the claims of life-changing harm that this little girl has experienced. Certainly she is a victim to some extent but life-long harm because someone dropped his drawers? I think not...Now [Matthews's] entire life and his family's entire life is ruined for relatively minor but still perverted behavior that 30 years ago people just shrugged off or laughed at."

From Russell: "Again, guilty until proven innocent...I saw my aunt naked once on a trip from the bathroom to the bedroom, because she'd forgot to take her clothes with her and [the rooms] weren't joined. She wasn't used to other people being in the house, and I know she was COMPLETELY embarrassed by the episode. Should she be a sex offender for an accident? I think not."

From Anonymous: "It is no more offensive than Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction' but she is getting off while Mr. Matthews is ruined."

ChronicallyBiased.com now exists only in archive form, but the comments on Patrick's new project, LoneStarTimes.com, took on a decidedly different tone after the latest revelation about Matthews, as you can see here.

We'll refrain from calling LoneStarTimes a KSEV message board, since the last time we referred to its predecessor as such, the site lashed back with a bad-ass image of Rich Connelly at Abu Ghraib. Too bad the picture seems to have slipped out of the system. We'd totally love a copy. — Keith Plocek

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