Flash Mob: Walking Backwards in the Galleria

The MySpace post read like this:

This Sunday at 2:22pm on the 2nd floor of the Galleria (around the skating rink) we are all going to start walking backwards!

Get there early ....so you can start walking @ 2:22


The message came from a very reliable source within the Houstoned family, so we set out to the Galleria and spent almost 30 minutes, or six Bowie songs, trying to park. We made our way to a group of arty-looking kids in Chucks and piercings and sat in front of Armani and Ferragamo, intently waiting to blow minds. The air was crisp with trepidation.

At precisely 2:22 p.m., the assembled group, almost 30 strong, began to walk against the flow of mall traffic. Those looking on had a puzzled look. Some pulled out camera phones and began texting. Most shook their heads and laughed. Security staff watched in impotent amazement. Small children began walking backwards with us, parents looking on, encouraging them to buck the norms. I did my part by taking laps around a promotional Lexus SUV parked in a walkway. My legs started to get aggravated from the unnatural act and I walked, forwardly, towards Bennigans for a celebratory beer.

It’s interesting to see what the public will do when the ordinary operating procedures go awry. People kept asking “Why?” repeatedly, like there had to be a reason. Was it charity? Recreational drug use? Some folks can’t understand stepping outside a box, in any way. Be it forwards, or backwards.

Here’s a video of the happening. Sorry for the video excellence. I am, how you say, poor. So you get to deal with RAZR-quality cinema. Maybe if I fall “backasswards” into some money that will change. Har-har-har. Hey, you gonna finish that burrito? – Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.