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Flashforward: It Didn't Suck This Week!

Lesbians kissing! Asians with rocket launchers! KARAOKE SHOOTOUTS!

In one week, FlashForward went from boring to bananas, unleashing a torrent of pulpy action and crazy plot twists that played like Alias on sleep deprivation. The show made minor headway with the mystery in Somalia that will (probably, hopefully) tie into the explanation of the blackout, but more importantly, it brought action and plot and grade-A cheese. The series will never be great, but with episodes like this week's, it could be entertaining.

This week's ep, "Gimme Some Truth," opened in D.C., with Mark, Demetri, and boss Stan Wedeck hopping into a car and discussing their testimony before Congress that day to get more funds for Project Mosaic. They're driving off with some other agent (I think?) who's not named, and everything's copacetic until they're T-boned by an SUV that starts ejecting Asians with high-powered weapons! Then the guys produce a rocket launcher and BLOW AWAY the Feds' car! This is the most action since the pilot, and it came out of nowhere. I digs.

Jump back 39 hours. Mark and Demetri get strapped into polygraphs while Stan plays basketball with "Dave" (Peter Coyote), who's got some political weight and whom Stan is hoping can kick him some cash for Mosaic. Dave tells him to chillax, saying, "This is Congress masturbating to the sound of its own voice," which is the grossest thing anyone has ever said on TV. In the next scene, Stan and the others are in the White House press room when the Press Secretary Bill Guarnere comes out and starts grotting Nazis. Guarnere intros the president, who turns out to be ... Dave! Stan was playing hoops with the president! This is one of several legitimate WTF moments in the episode.

Meanwhile, the L.A. office is scanning 20 years of satellite photos of Somalia, procured from the CIA via a hacker. Janis is taking point, and she's also apparently enrolled in a karate class at night. She flips a dude and gets hit on, but blows him off to exchange a coy glance with a female sparring partner, and I think we've all seen Bound. She eventually goes on a date with karate girl, and just to make sure everyone knows it, they totes make out in the restaurant over their food, which is unhygienic but who cares. So Janis is gay! That's two for the WTF column.

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A Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing is convened to poll government agencies on the blackout. The committee's members include disgraced Baltimore Mayor Clarence Royce. Mark tells his tale, but since he was drunk in his vision, he can't recall too many details beyond the "impressionistic flashes." (Of course, everyone else's vision is presented with erratic cuts, too, but whatevs.) He gets scolded by Joyce Clemente, the committee chair, and walks out feeling all beat up. Bummer!

So Mosaic is on the ropes, but Stan's got a trump card: Dave knocked up a young black woman (WHAT), who still lives with her son in Georgetown! (Three WTFs so far.) Stan threatens to go public, so Dave backs off and gives Stan the cash, buying Clemente's silence by choosing her to be vice president in place of the vp who died in the blackout. It was nice to see Stan backing Mosaic like he said he would, even if it was a personal vendetta against people who'd burned him in the past.

The Somalia photos: In 1990-1991, a series of pylons were built near the town that lost consciousness. This is what that little boy saw in the flashback a few episodes ago: A 100-foot tower, presumably transmitting something related to the blackout.

Everything ends with the FBI guys doing karaoke in a D.C. bar, including "Sister Christian" and "Like a Rolling Stone," before they catch up to the beginning of the ep and get exploded. But wait! Not only do they survive the crash, the Feds get out and start returning fire while a karaoke cover of "Like a Rolling Stone" plays along. It's the stupidest, greatest thing ever, and the most entertaining moment of the series so far. Fun, simple, actiony. There's even suspense as Janis gets attacked at the same time in L.A. by a member of the same gang, and she's shot in the gut and bleeding in the street and only able to think about her vision of having a daughter before the credits roll. Killer poignant, and the music nailed it. Seriously, this is where the show needs to go: Pop action.

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