For some reason we found this image especially apt.

Flogging Golfers

So, we're in the middle of the

Shell Houston Open


Do me a favor, okay? Let's not go talking about what great athletes these guys are. A great athlete doesn't injure himself in his backswing because he hears a camera shutter. A great athlete doesn't need his caddy to rough up the crowd because someone takes a picture.

A great athlete is that guy who crowds the box after he hit a homer off of Roger Clemens in his previous at bat. A great athlete is someone who's able to sink a key free throw while thousands of fans shout and yell and wave things in his line of vision. A great athlete is someone who extends his body to catch the ball just knowing that some defensive back is waiting to lay him flat.

Hitting a little white ball in total silence does not a great athlete make.

I hope that you guys enjoy your stay in Houston. I hope you have a nice tournament. But please, don't call yourselves great athletes. Or even mediocre athletes. -- John Royal


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