Flopping Is Probably One of the Greatest Sports Sins of Them All

I got into a semi-argument on air with my SportsRadio 610 cohost, Ted Johnson, the other day. The tiff was about Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman, and his act in the wake of the NFC Title Game on FOX, when he eviscerated Michael Crabtree in an interview with Erin Andrews and turned a "WE" moment into a "ME" moment.

I know that topic is more than two months old, and there was a good reason we argued about it (off hand, I don't remember that good reason), but the argument boiled down to Ted (who is vehemently anti-Sherman) asking me if I would let my son wear a Sherman jersey.

Thinking about it for a second, I determined that I would let him, but not encourage him. (Awesome passive-aggressive parenting by me, by the way.) Ted's point, which was fair, was less about jerseys and more about "Would you want your kid acting like that?"

The answer? Probably not, but I can tell you something even more offensive than Sherman-style mugging that would make me ground my sons from now until they're 50.


I detest flopping in sports. At its very core, flopping is cowardly. It's faking. It's not even sports, really; it's acting. It's an admission that you can't beat your opponent according to the rulebook, so you will flip the whole dynamic on its head and use the rulebook (and the misguided instincts of referees) against your opponent.

It's an unwatchable play, that theoretically has an exponential effect on watchability when good players are called for incorrect fouls, and thus must potentially go to the bench with foul trouble.

Any coach who teaches flopping should be publicly fired, any player who flops should be publicly humiliated, and any fan who condones flopping should watch their season tickets burn. Either that, or just cut to the chase and hook jumper cables up to the balls of all three. I'm fine with any of these solutions.

So when flopping trickles down to the youth level, it saddens me and it angers me.

THIS VIDEO saddens me and angers me....

If there were a manual on the art of flopping (authored by John Stockton, foreword by Jeff Hornacek), this kid clearly read every page. If there were a college course on flopping (taught by Professor Michael Krzyzewski), this kid got an A+ and might be the teaching assistant. If they decide to make a Tom Emanski-style flopping video, this kid will be Fred McGriff.

I mean, he hits all the key "flopper" touch points -- the full head and body jerk backwards, the phony yelp of the violated and the boisterous hand clap after a successful ruse executed to perfection.

I hate him.

Reportedly, Coach K has made a verbal offer to this kid, the Utah Jazz just moved him to the top of their 2026 big board and Shane Battier has inquired about legally adopting him.

And I am appealing to FIBA to have him banned from ever playing the sport again, while I watch Richard Sherman on a loop with my son.

(H/T SB Nation)

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