Florida State QB Kicked Out of School After Brutal Assault of Woman in Bar (w/ VIDEO)

Florida State QB Kicked Out of School After Brutal Assault of Woman in Bar (w/ VIDEO)

It's been a rough couple of years for the quarterback position at Florida State. Forget about the rocky transition from the college ranks to the NFL for Christian Ponder and E.J. Manuel, that's the least of the Seminole Nation's worries.

Between his shoplifting of crab legs, his penchant for screaming obscenities while standing on tables, his love for B.B. guns and his alleged sexual assault of a female student, Jameis Winston had enough peccadilloes to fill a rap sheet for a decade's worth of FSU quarterbacks. Privately, Jimbo Fisher had to be breathing a sigh of relief when the Winston Experience was finally over and he'd moved on to the NFL. I mean, how could the QB position be any more high maintenance than it was with Winston, right?

And then along came De'Andre Johnson.

Johnson is a true freshman quarterback who has yet to take a snap for the Seminoles, and after the incident in which he was involved a couple of weeks ago, it appears he won't ever get that chance. In case you missed the story, back on June 24, Johnson was charged with misdemeanor battery when he punched a woman in the face at a nightclub called Yianni's.

There are a couple of issues here — first (and less troublesome) is that Johnson was in a bar at the age of 19. That will presumably be an issue for Yianni's ownership, one would think. Second (and far more troublesome) is a second straight FSU quarterback being accused of a crime against a woman, first Winston and now Johnson. And now, courtesy of TMZ and surveillance video in the bar, we actually have footage of Johnson cold-cocking the 21-year-old woman at the bar.

The incident appears to stem from normal barroom jostling, with the woman holding a spot at a crowded counter and Johnson trying to angle in for a spot presumably to order drinks. The woman doesn't take kindly to Johnson's aggressiveness and confronts him. Johnson grabs her right arm, she swings on him with her left arm, and that's when Johnson clocks her with a right cross that clearly busts her open. The drops of blood are apparent on the counter.

Here's video of the incident, courtesy of TMZ:

The woman suffered a black eye, swelling in her face and a cut on her nose. Fortunately for her, because there's actual footage of the incident, she shouldn't get completely buried by tweets from FSU fans telling her that this is all her fault and tormenting her to the verge of suicide, a go-to move for many of the Seminole psychopaths poisoning the inter-webs after the Winston accuser went public.  

Apparently, De'Andre Johnson isn't that great at football because Jimbo Fisher booted him off the team last night.

Fortunately, Jimbo Fisher saw the video footage for what it was, something totally unacceptable, and dismissed Johnson from school last night. Here is the message from FSU Athletics:

Thankfully, there was video footage and this didn't come down as an accusation in-season, otherwise we'd have had to hear from Jimbo Fisher about how awesome all of his players are, and how baseless the accounts of the incident were. God bless, surveillance video footage!

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