Opened in Galveston this weekend
Opened in Galveston this weekend

Foggy Freaking Weekend in Galveston

You might have read that cruise ships were having trouble getting into and out of Galveston over the weekend.

You probably didn't care much, unless you were one of the passengers.

We can just add that we spent the weekend in Galveston, and it was Freaking Foggy. Almost all weekend.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary with our lovely bride, we had a house near the Seawall. At least we assume we did, since we often couldn't see past the stop sign a single door down.

We've seen Galveston fog before, but this -- at least where we were -- seemed to be on another level.

The Strand on Saturday night was like something out of a cheap movie, with the fog clinging everywhere, making the streets seem quiet and ominous.

The fog never really seemed to lift, although it went from utterly opaque at times to wispy at others. And we're sure some locations didn't get much at all.

A man was killed trying to cross Broadway in the soup; most drivers were going very slowly, though, so things could have been worse.


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