Follow Along As Houstonians Hunt WW2 Ghosts...If You Dare!!!

Houston will have some local representation when the largest paranormal investigation in the history of paranormal investigations goes down Saturday night in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Members of Southern Paranormal Investigators will join a 25-person investigative team as it looks for activity on the USS American Victory, a transport ship that sailed during WWII, Korea and Vietnam and was converted to a museum about a decade ago. Employees claim to have had some creepy experiences while aboard the vessel. (The "AmVic" at one time during the Korean conflict was used to take dead soldiers back home for burial.)

"A lot of the people that work on the ship have reported seeing apparitions, shadow figures, hearing sounds, feeling touched -- the ship has never been investigated for paranormal (activity) prior to this," SPI founder Jennifer Parker, a Dickinson resident, tells Hair Balls.

While we wouldn't necessarily object to certain kinds of ghostly touching, the activity reports were enough for Paranormal Extreme (a Florida-based group) to organize an interactive investigation. You'll be able to follow along here at 9 p.m. Central (worth an earlier visit just for the YouTube promo clip). There'll be a chat room in which you can communicate with investigators, and 30 or so cameras will stream live feed to the site. (If you're feeling a little Presley-esque, you can watch up to five of the feeds at once.) You're invited to watch as these folks, armed with video, audio and electromagnetic-field recorders, try to (respectfully) encourage spirits to make their presence known.

Skeptics may scoff at SPI's work - but have those skeptics ever had contact with the ghost of Frank effin' Sinatra??

In early summer last year, the team investigated Galveston's Balinese room, the storied nightclub/den of iniquity that Hurricane Ike destroyed. Parker says one of her team members asked the spirits there to slam one of the club's heavy wooden doors, and the spirits apparently obliged.

"[SPI members] asked if Frank was the one who slammed the door, because it was right outside Frank Sinatra's dressing room, and you actually hear a male voice say, 'Frank,'" Parker says.

SPI is preparing to donate the footage to the Galveston Historical Society.

"Of course we haven't talked to them about it yet, but that's what we're going to be doing, because we have the last interior footage (before the hurricane)," Parker says.

It may be hard to top that - we'll find out if the "Best Is Yet to Come" for SPI on Saturday in Florida. (If you can come up with a better Sinatra reference, by all means, be our guest.)

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