Any listings, baby?

Foot Fetishist Hassling Local Realtors

It's a tough time to be a Realtor here in Houston (or anywhere). The market is soft and buyers are scarce.

Plus you've got a foot fetishist on line two.

Houston area Realtors have been warned that there's a foot freak out there who has been making heavy-breathing calls to home brokers, most of whom apparently aren't that into it.

The warning even calls him the "Foot Fetish Creep," which paints with a pretty broad brush those slightly-not-quite-normal Joes who enjoy licking and sniffing women's feet.

Well, maybe it's not that broad a brush after all.

"Please be on the alert that the "foot fetish creep" who was mentioned in the September issue of the Houston REALTOR® magazine article titled "Criminals, Creeps and Craigslist" has been apparently making calls to a large number of female REALTORS® in the last week," says the warning posted on the members-only section of har.com. (We didn't realize the members-only section was rated R.)

The pervy perp's MO: "We have received a flood of reports about a man calling to inquire about a specific property and then asking what kind of shoes the female REALTOR® is wearing. He then becomes quite graphic, or if the REALTOR® hangs up on him, he calls back and leaves a VERY graphic voicemail."

So ladies, if you want the good stuff, hang up and wait!

The oddball has been limiting his access to the southeastern suburbs, but now he appears to be branching out, as inner-Loop Realtors began getting calls recently.

Still, if the dude wants to actually see a house in this market....

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.