For Another $7 Million, Maybe They Can Straighten It Out

For Another $7 Million, Maybe They Can Straighten It Out

See that there? What do you think it is?

Shocking photographic evidence of an architectural disaster?

Proof positive that the August heat in Houston can melt just about anything?

You're wrong. It's a proposed pedestrian bridge over Buffalo Bayou, linking hike-and-bike trails near Memorial Drive and Allen Parkway.

A $7-million pedestrian bridge, we hasten to add.

Mayor Bill White proposed the project today, saying most of the cost would come from a local TIRZ and private donations. (A TIRZ is something too complicated for us hoi polloi to know about, but it would mean that general city tax funds wouldn't be used in the construction.)

A nationwide competition was held to design the bridge, and this design won. That crazy melting-type thing in the middle is a trompe l'oeil (Hey, we know our fancy art terms better than our TIRZs!) that from a distance and from certain angles, make the bridge seem impossible to cross, project designers said.

The thing will officially be called "The Tolerance Bridge."

So learn to tolerate it, haters.

-- Richard Connelly

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